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    where the land meets the sea

    Polhawn Fort is a one-off, unique place. It stands alone. So if you’re looking for a coastal wedding venue to make your own, you’ve found it.

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      A home-from-home vibe (if ‘home’ happens to be a Napoleonic fort, complete with drawbridge)! There’s a set of steps leading from the Fort directly down to our very own beach where you can steal a little private time together, frolic in the waves with your wedding guests and catch some very special memories – the sea views from the beach are surreal.

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      The Cornish Coast

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      Polhawn Fort sits by Rame Head, a unique piece of coast at the end of Whitsand bay. Bathed in history and wonder, we have been hosting weddings for over 26 years.

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        A wedding at Polhawn Fort gives you the time and freedom to do exactly as you please for the whole time you’re here. You can create the wedding of your dreams: from the simplest of days, to a seriously stylish affair. We’ve been helping couples do this for 26 years and will help you all the way.

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            Much more than one day

            Spend two, three or four amazing days, with close friends and family actually staying with you in the Fort. Get ready for the big day together and unwind together after. No set rules to follow, be free to plan your wedding as you have imagined, with the Fort as your backdrop.

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            It’s not just a wedding it’s an experience

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              Whether it's a mid summer wedding out in our new garden Summerhouse, or a cosy Winter wedding, the Fort can be totally shaped the way you like and desire. Our team are here to advise and suggest options that match your dream wedding plans.

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