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What's included with your stay


What's included - 2022

Polhawn Fort is unique in so many ways - we have been running as an exclusive wedding venue for over 25 years and provide everything you need to make your special stay run smoothly. Just bring food and drink and we can supply the rest!

Site Plan | Polhawn Fort


Fort Site Plans 2022

Get to grips with the layout of the Fort's footprint. From the car park to dedicated disabled access and even the number of steps to the beach!. Maybe a useful guide when mapping out your special plans and bringing that adventure to life!

3D walk around | Polhawn Fort

3 D walk around

3D Walkthrough | vt.ehouse.co.uk/TFuRtucBQfu

Take a step into our world virtually! Have a 3D walk around virtually at Polhawn Fort where you can control where you go and what floor or even outside to explore! Great for a quick view and get an idea of Polhawn Fort. However a real visit cannot be beaten. Visit us now

Table Arrangements | Our 2022 Guide

Table arrangements

Table Arrangements 2022

We supply a wide range of circular and rectangular tables of various sizes, and more than enough dining chairs. We have hosted well over a thousand wedding banquets: please benefit from our experience and view or download our set of 13 different suggested table arrangements.

Sleeping Arrangements | Zzzz Itinerary

Sleeping arrangement

Sleeping Arrangements

A handy little download doc to organise your sleeping arrangements at the fort, by noting down who goes here and there. Remember to check our bedroom pages for further advice on specific room details.

The Fort Ceiling | Plan

Ceiling Plan

Ceiling Measurements

If you are looking to hang decorations or anything that requires the ceiling guide measurements then this little helper guide is perfect for the job.

Travel Pack | to Share

Travel Pack

Travel Pack Download

Your essential guide to travel advice and contact detail you can also share with your family and guests visiting the Fort for your special day.

The Terrace | Sizes & Dimensions

Terrace plan

The Terrace Roof Space

Everything you need to know about our Terrace area from sizes and dimensions to need to knows. Download our details to find out more.

Wedding Day | Timeline


A day or two in the Life... | vimeo.com/664864779

We have put together a video sequence that shows an example of a typical wedding day at Polhawn Fort and how it could flow. As just a guide it's totally your call on exactly how and what takes place and when.

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