polhawn fort summer wedding venue

Have you thought about your wedding photos? …and we don’t mean the professional ones!

We’re talking about the photos your guests will be capturing all day long. If you want to keep track of ALL your photos (even the outtakes!) why not consider creating your own unique wedding hashtag.

If Social media is your thing, embrace it! After all we live in a digital age so, get creative and get sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (We do, Ahem #polhawnfort)!

We’ve put together a few tips on how to get started;

Keep it simple – You want your friends and family to use the hashtag on their photos, so make sure they’ll be able to remember it!

Keep it unique and fun – Start with your names and a date. Whats the first thing that comes into your head? (Don’t over think it!) If your names are common, consider using a nickname or do your names rhyme with anything wedding related?

Check it hasn’t been used before – You wouldn’t want your memories mixed up with someone else’s!

And finally, Spread the word (or the hashtag in this case!) – The earlier, the better. why not start using your wedding hashtag as soon as you get engaged! Include it on your wedding invitations, order of service, table plans etc… your guests will soon get the hint!