Polhawn Summer House

If you’re thinking of having a outside wedding, you can hold a legal ceremony in our Summerhouse, where your guests are seated directly outside and you yourselves are facing the sea in the entrance of the Summerhouse with the registrar.

You can move your ceremony location from the Summer House to our Napoleonic Hall, or the other way round, up to one hour prior to the ceremony! This freedom means that you are not stuck having your ceremony inside when it is glorious outside or outside in the rain when there is the Napoleonic hall inside.

N.B. The registrars will have the final say as to whether the ceremony can take place outside – they need to keep your legal paperwork safe and dry so it can feature in a Who Do You Think You Are? programme in 100 years from now!

The choice is yours! With a Summerhouse looking so spectacular, once the ceremony is over why not transform it into a Bar for all to enjoy!

That’s one way to do it!

Polhawn Summer House Bar