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As part of our endeavouring efforts to provide you with your own fantastic Polhawn Fort experience we feel it is only right to ‘share the love’ and introduce you to one of our recommended caterers, Miss Tea.

We have seen Miss Tea Catering first hand, creating their magic and getting it right time after time for our couples!

– Hi, it’s lovely to be working with you, please tell us a little about yourself and your company?

Hi, I’m Sarah, I’ve been cooking since I was 4 years old. Early experiences were helping to make Christmas puddings, cakes for Sunday afternoons, picking strawberries and runner beans from the garden with my Dad, eating at least 50% of Dad’s fresh pea crop after he asked myself and my brother to pick them – he never asked us again. Now forty years later I’m still in love with food, baking, cooking, visiting foodies places, fishing and foraging. I love it all.

My company was born almost 8 years ago. 10 years ago I was working as a designer and had a pretty bad car crash that landed me in hospital for a while which led me to realise that I was not doing the right thing career wise, I liked what I did but I did’t love it, but at that point due to my injuries I was unsure if I would be able to have any career at all. After I fought a long battle learning how to walk again I bravely took the decision to change my career and become a baker and a chef, which 8 years on I am loving very very much. Miss Tea works very closely with clients to produce menus which encompasses their foodie loves and ideas for their wedding day. I have been told that my menus represent the couple in food form – which is exactly what I want to achieve.

catering polhawn fort wedding venue cornwall

-Which services/packages are you able to offer our couples?

Miss Tea is a full service company, we bake, we cook, we bbq, we do street food…every menu is different. I have no off the shelf menus at all, every single menu is written for each client from a few secret ingredient questions called Miss Tea’s Foodie Homework.

– Experience of working with couples at Polhawn Fort

I’ve been working at Polhawn for a number of years and have covered a diverse set of menus for a wide range of clients. It’s been a wonderful journey getting to know clients, now my friends, and it’s lovely to still be in touch with many of them.

-Your goals

My goals, well I’m really happy with the way things are and I plan not to change things for the foreseeable future. I think I’m good on unique service and the way in which I work with different menus all the time for each wedding keeps us fresh and excited in what we do.

My plans for the long term future (10 years plus and into retirement) are to change my business a little, still work within weddings but in a slightly different capacity, still food but with a little bit of theatre thrown in, I’m very excited about it!

Being a creative bunch, we love to help you with styling, sourcing those tricky items, thinking of new and exciting ways to make your wedding stand out. Be it rustic or themed, glamour or glitter!

catering polhawn fort wedding venue cornwall

Polhawn is a very special place for me as it was where I cooked for my very first wedding on 5th November 2011 for Martin and Charlotte. At that point my company was just around a year old and I had been doing private dining and parties and corporate stuff. I was so nervous about cooking in volumes I had about 3 thousand lists going on!! I wasn’t sure (when I took the job on) that I wanted to do wedding catering but I loved it so much and the clients were so happy they’ve booked me to do there 10 year anniversary on 5th Nov 2021.

I am now officially a wedding caterer and it is 90% of my business. Polhawn is such a gorgeous place, it’s amazing in the sun, rain, wind, fog and hail – I’ve done them all. It’s one of the hardest places to work, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. I love it, it’s where my love for being a wedding caterer started.

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