Spoiled with talent and beauty



Why, what and who?

As part of our ever growing experiences with so many local and visiting talented craftsman, we felt it was only right to present some hidden gems we have in the local area and beyond that get to venture down our spiral staircase.

We will be showcasing many different craftsman over the next few months providing you with some great inspiration, delights and overwhelming creative talents that might just help you decide on that ideal wedding gift or a twist on those wedding favours.

Exploring and providing a platform for local talent that needs to be seen.

A pleasure to introduce to you…


Teresa Wicksteed

Teresa Wicksteed graduated from Falmouth University studying Fine Art. We must say we just love her amazing approach to her work, the ability to capture the expression of light and its different forms with a meaning that is something personal but also so unique to the coastal waters of Cornwall and seems to resonate to all of our visitors..

We are proud to say a few finished works now grace the walls of Polhawn Fort and we’re proud to present such work of distinction and grace to our guests that come into the Fort.

Many of Teresa Wicksteed’s works have found homes in therapeutic locations: buyers range from a consultant psychiatrist to osteopathy, yoga and acupuncture practices and we take great pride in adding Teresa to our Coastal Craft collection.

Relax with sound

As part of the concept of relaxation and appealing to the senses Teresa is also a qualified Sound Healing Practitioner with the objective to deeply relax her clients with specialist training from the College of Sound Healing UK.

Something different, something new

Why not totally immerse yourself into the coastal tranquilities and sample a moment of complete clarity and sense of calm. A highly recommended experience you can find more information on Teresa’s website.

If you are interested in any created pieces or would like to have any pieces commissioned please do not hesitate to contact Teresa…