Tis the season for all of you winter couples!

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Winter style inspiration

During this time of year, we would like to share some of our beautiful winter wedding style inspiration that we have fallen in love with over the years. With the ever-changing colours reflecting back from our coastline, whatever colour scheme you choose seems to always work in harmony with the Polhawn Fort surroundings. Below are a few images that may bring you the inspiration you are looking for.

With so many winter style options, here some of our favourites to help get you inspired!!


Classic -
What it’s the first colour that comes to your mind when you think about love? Of course , it is red! Our classic colour palette inspiration brings you deep hues of reds, and classic elegant shades of ivory. You cannot go wrong with this timeless winter wedding tradition.

Bohemian -
Whimsical, romantic, bohemian style wedding inspiration. All the evergreens, with vibrant blooms. Natural and rustic with a dreamy, vintage quality.
There’s a lot to be inspired by in this bohemian wedding colour palette!


Pastels -
Pastel shades are not just for fair weather, they’re a winter’s daydream!
Whether it’s sparkly and light palettes of cool mint or soothing dusty pinks, pastel shades can be incredibly bold amidst a sea of dark colours during the winter months.


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Did you know?

The fort has lots of historical features and even items, learn more about the past and how and why the Fort was created.

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